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Dhoop ki Deewar a show of zee 5 will be stream on 25 june

Dhoop Ki DeewarDhoop Ki Deewar

Mumbai. Love transcends all odds and brand Zindagi has always demonstrated this through its shows. As a reminder of this unmatched power of love, Zee 5 has announced its third life original ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’. With the belief that our collective humanity will put an end to the spread of hatred. The show (Dhoop Ki Deewar) starring famous couple Sajal Ali and Ahad Raza Mir will go live from June 25, 2021.

Written by veteran Umeera Ahmed and helmed by Haseeb Hassan, Dhoop Ki Wall promotes the message of ‘Heart Over Hate’ and brings to the fore a cross-border tale of love, family and loss. Bharat’s Vishal is played by Ahad Raza Mir and Pakistan’s Sara is played by Sajal Aly. Where the two find their lives intertwined after losing their father in war and their common grief becomes the foundation of their friendship. Featuring promising actors like Samia Mumtaz, Zaib Rehman, Savera Nadeem, Samina Ahmed, Manjar Sehbai, Raza Taalish, Ali Khan, Adnan Zafar, the web series explores the martyrdom of two families and the impact of war as they realize that peace is everything. The question is answered. The show is produced by Motion Content Group and Hamdan Films.

Talking about Dhoop Ki Deewar, director Haseeb Haasan said, "Dhoop Ki Deewar is a reflection of positivity beyond boundaries, religion and social prejudices. The only essence of the show lies in the simplicity of its narrative. The show tackles a cross-border love story in a different way and has an underlying message of peace, harmony and the joy of life. Our entire team including Misbah Shafiq have put their heart and soul into this little labor of love and are looking forward to a heartwarming response from our viewers.

Writer Umera Ahmed said, ‘The wall of sunshine is very close to my heart. My inspiration for the story stems solely from the idea that whatever country or religion you belong to, at the end of the day grief is the same everywhere and it is much bigger than you and me. It is a story of love, sadness and loss that people across the border and abroad can feel connected to on a human level.

Ateeq Rahman, Chief Investment Officer, Group M Pakistan, says, ‘When you go against all odds to do something that has never been done in your market and ‘wall of sunshine’, we at Motion & Group M Pakistan are those One of the initiatives. We believe that as thought and market leaders, the onus is on us to push the envelope. This journey required a lot of effort by the team and the way we went through it was commendable. ‘Dhoop Ki Deewar’ is a story of love and loss that talks about ‘Shanti’.

At a time when war and hatred are taking our lives, the Wall of Sunshine is coming to tell us that no soldiers should die on either side of the border and that humanity should not be restricted by political boundaries. The show takes an introspective post-war war between two countries and explores how families who have lost their loved ones in war are united in grief that transcends geographical and political boundaries.

Zindagi is known for bringing out stories that are powerful, gripping yet heartwarming. Its last two films Witch and Ek Jhooli Love Story were a huge success and the content brand aims to take storytelling to a higher level with its latest offering.

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